Monday, June 13, 2011

World: Meet Baby Preston

This picture was taken by Baby Preston's big brother, Spencer right after we found we were going to be parents to a BOY. I seriously still can't believe it. A boy!! My third!! Spencer, was so excited the whole week, just knowing he was to the doctor with Mama. Funny part is that although he was in awe at first... after 10 minutes he was so ready to go and get out of there. That is just how our Spence can be, Baby Preston will meet him soon, five more months to be exact.

Life these days has taken a whole new level of balance. As I've finally seem to come out of my first trimester morning sickness, I've learned to give my body some rest and just take some time out to pause and step back. That is a whole lot easier said than done since my whole life to this point has been running, working on Chic Sweets, being a mother and wife. But trust me, even in the midst of feeling exhausted with feet more swollen than I'm willing to admit, I could not be more blessed and everyday I look in the mirror and I'm still in awe that I taking care of something so precious.

So before (we) rest our head to sleep, just want to share some thoughts for my little nugget.

*My Dearest Baby Preston: I cannot wait to hold you, cover you with TONS of kisses and have you share in our crazy life. I can't wait to tell you that you can be ANYTHING you want to be in your life. I can't wait to show you that will grow up to do something that drives you, that sets your heart on fire and that you can be just like your crazy Mama and graduate from UF doing one thing only to find that your path leads you to something else. Preston, we love you so much and in 5 months I will get to tell you everything that fills my heart and so much more. 

Have a good night, my little nugget. Watch those kicks ;)