Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's taken me some time to write this post. Just wasn't sure where it would go so I'm just going to stop overthinking everything and just let my fingers do the typing.

We just wrapped up a hectic week with midweek events, running on NO sleep, on edge, stressed out...near tears and breakdowns more times than I can count. Thank you God for my parents that have an amazing sixth sense, and were able to change last minute plans to come and help us both recharge. Mom and Dad--if you happen to take a look at this, there just aren't any words except I love you both. That's all.

So after everyhing is said and done, we were gearing up for my son, Spencer's first day at school and I can't even begin to tell you the emotions that ran through both my husband and I.  Here I was, with a laundry list of my own issues, and everything suddenly became very clear for me, and yup, the clouds parted. And that inner voice, crept up, reminding me as to why me and husband work our butts off and why we do what we do. It's so I can wrap my arms around Spencer and smother him with more kisses than he will ever want. It's to see that goofy smile of his and send him off to school. It's so he can one day look back and see everything his parents did for him and know that there isn't anything he can't do in life. And although life may be seem particularly tough at times, nothing will ever be important than family and the love shared between all of us.

Spence-y, I love you so much and I feel so amazingly proud to be you mama and cannot wait to start this journey with you, my silly, little goof ball.

And my breakdown when we said goodbye. My husband pushed me out of the classroom before I completely lost it..hee...hee.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rebranding and Lessons Learned

Hello everyone! Hope all of you are having a great week! I've been a bit scattered lately--you would think that having a slow week or two would be a much needed rest, but ironically it just reminds me of how much I need to catch up on....which in turn, makes me want to hide my 7-month pregnant butt under the covers!

In any case, some good news, website and blog are coming along wonderfully. Karrie Pyke has been ever so patient with me and it's just great to work with someone that just gets it. It also has involved a lot of homework on my end--what do I want the site to look like? Feel like? Ummmm....

To begin with, I was very cautious about entering the "rebranding" territory because I don't take that term lightly. It seems like everyday I'm hearing about a new site relaunching, but I'm a firm believer in that your logo, the colors, symbols, and tagline do not alone make up your brand. Honestly I wish it was that easy.  For me, a brand is the collection of everything you say and everything you do, all rolled up into what defines your brand. Changes in your approach, redefinition of core values--all of this happens below a level that your client would even notice. So bottom line? A name and a logo are key to getting recognized, but despite what many would think, they aren't the be all and end all, not by a long shot. And that my friends, has given me plenty to think about.

So on that note, above is a little glimpse into the site...just a glimpse. Still a long way to go but we are getting there. I just can't imagine how I'm gonna feel when this all comes together--to be honest I have so many feelings at this point, it's still hard to process. What else is there--let's see...updating marketing materials, continuously working on inspiration boards, narrowing down photos that will make the site and oh yeah and working on some different concepts that will be included as an add-on to our services. The ideas are there, just can't wait to see it all come together.