Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rusty Pelican Wedding with Mandy and Me Photography


When I realized I had to write this blog post I found myself getting sad. I have to admit, I got very attached to my bride's wonderful mother, Maria. From weekly emails to phonecalls, by the time the wedding came along, I felt like I knew Maria better than my own bride (in a non-stalkerish kind of way, I swear). Luckily, Maria is one of those wonderful mothers who still, months later, stays in touch with me, so I can still hang on! :)

This wedding was absolutely beautiful. When Larissa (our stunning bride) saw the table, the first words out of her mouth, was "that is exactly what I was envisioning!" Indeed, by the time this wedding came along, Maria and I had covered every detail--from the black and white damask backdrop to the various shades of pink that would cover the table through the candy and desserts. And to add the sparkle, all of our vessals were lined in a bright pink paper.

And moving forward, I will be sharing a glimpse into the design behind each of our tables. I'm always one of those that likes to know all the behind the scenes stuff, so I figured I would share a bit of what goes into when we design each of our tables!

Vendor Credits:
Dessert Table Concept and Design: Chic Sweets

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Preston's Nursery and Redefining my Workspace

Hello Everyone! Feels like July has completely flown by. I thought June would be a lighter month for us but we were busy-working bees up until last week. Had a blast producing some great dessert tables but oh, so grateful to have a breather and catch up on some much needed rest (and some blogging) for the next few weeks.

So I wanted to share some fun work I've been doing with Baby Preston's room. As you know, our family is growing by the second, an..er...month and space in our home is getting smaller and smaller. I had intended to convert my 3 year old's room into my workspace but with Baby Preston coming in October, plans had to change...just a little bit. Since I'm one of those stubborn moms that refuse to believe that I can't have a career, family and a little space I can call my own, I'm attempting to create a space that will work not only for Baby Preston but for me as well. I know...I know...I may fail bitterly at all of this, but what can I say, I'm stubborn as hell! Not to mention that with all the challenges of being mommy and pregnant, it's been quite refreshing to throw myself into something different and that doesn't involve my work.

So, where do I start? Well, first I'm tackling Baby Preston's side of the room, using a gender-neutral palette that will work for the whole room. Picture below. In addition to the color palette and geometric patterns in the bedding, also using vintage airplanes to add "the boy" element.

Currently, we've tackled painting the room which I should paraphrase by saying that I picked the paint and my gracious husband took care of the rest. Everything turned out better than I can imagine and I have to say that all the times my husband has painted dessert table backdrops must have really come in handy because he did an AMAZING job.

So what's next? Well, narrowed down the bedding which I'm super stoked about. Since I couldn't translate what I had in mind to anything I liked in stores, I turned to ETSY seller, Katie Bug Creativity who put together fabric swatches for me....can't wait to see how everything will turn out. Now just looking to add-on to the room with additional decor....and ...er...well, trying not to break the bank at the same time, so we'll just have to see how that goes (hope hubby is not reading this)! Once I start making some leeway on the nursery (side), I'll start working on my workspace. More updates to come...wish me luck!

Quince with RSBP Events and Pezz Photo


Yippee! Love when I get photos to share. This one was put together without much time, but I thought everything turned out wonderfully. It was also one of our first times working closely with RSBP's Brooke Palmer. Brooke is an AMAZING person with not only a knack for putting great productions together, but along with her work in the nonprofit industry and public relations' clients...she truly does it all.

Some details about the Quince: okay, before we start, can we just pause for a moment and say STUNNING. Natalie's parents made sure to cover the details, from the breathtaking floral and event design, to the entertainment, everything just came together to create an evening I don't believe Natalie will ever forget!

Oh...and when I say entertainment, I mean, ENTERTAINMENT. The Beach Girls5 made an appearance and their performance was the highlight of the evening. Well, next to our dessert table, of course ;)


Vendor Credits:
Dessert Table Concept and Styling: Chic Sweets
Event Planning: RSBP Events
Venue: The Florida Aquarium
Photography: Amy Pezz of Pezz Photo
Draping, Entrance & Chandeliers: Conceptbait
Lighting: Baystage
Floral: Botanica
Furniture and Linens: Nuage Designs
Couture Dress Designer: Anglo Couture

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Colorful Bird Inspired Dessert Table by Limelight Photography


Hello Everyone!!! Hope all of you had a great 4th of July weekend. Honestly, am I the only one wondering why every weekend isn't a 3-day weekend??

Well, luckily, I have literally spent the entire afternoon soaking up the loveliness of this gorgeous wedding by Limelight Photography. And of course it helps, that you have our seriously, drop-dead gorgeous bride, Amy, who just happens to be one of the most sweetest people I have ever met. Amy approached her day with such style and personality, you can’t help but fall in love. From the very beginning, there was a vision and every detail of this dessert table was thoughtfully crafted and  designed so that the table was a true expression of  Amy and Brook's personality.

So trust me, these pictures are worthy of a few moments, minutes, of your afternoon, promise.

Table Credits:
Dessert Table Concept and Design: Chic Sweets
Photography: Limelight
Linen: Connie Duglin
Venue: Avila
Bird Garland: Red or Gray Art