Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Dessert Table Segment and Behind the Scenes

Happy Holidays everyone! Just wanted to share our Holiday Dessert Table segment that aired earlier this week on the Daytime show (NBC). This was the final installment of a three part series with Daytime.

Overall this was such a great experience, but I smile when I look back at this moment because I was soooo frazzled. Very little time to get the final table together...forgot my milk shots....wanted to include Branches...wanted to wrap the brownies with parchment paper and some cute purple twine, and what about my hair? (Sigh) The list goes on.

Of course, now that I see the final product, I realize that it all worked out great and how incredibly  blessed I was to have the opportunity. If you read my novel here, you should have a pretty good idea that I'm sooo ready, inspired and fearless for what is in store for 2011.

Can't wait!


TABLE CREDITS: Thank you, thank you, thank you....
Overal Concept and Design: Chic Sweets
Poms: Pom Tree
Cake signage: Ready Go
Linen: Linens by the Sea

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chic Sweets: A Year in Review

                                         Image Credit: Limelight Photography
                                          Image Credit: Mark Moberg Photography
                                          Image Credit: Luminaire Foto
                                                      Image Credit: Victor's Photojournalism
                                          Image Credit: Carrie Wildes Photography

                                        Image Credit: Limelight Photography
                                        Image Credit: Lauren Pauline Photography
                                       Image Credit: CSE Photography

So maybe it's too early to summarize the whole year, but I've just been reflecting of how wonderful, challenging, hard and amazing this year has been!

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be sitting here and living (working) my dream of starting my own business. Never could I have imagined the array of emotions that I would be faced with everyday. This evening's emotion: just unbelievably grateful. Grateful to those that took me in from the very beginning, believed in me, gave me a chance and continue to be my mentors everyday. MMD Events, Sandy Rule, Limelight, Cyndi Edwards, Carrie Wildes, Signature Events by DesignStaci Mandikas Anglo Couture, Diana Tamayo, Monica Varner, Aymee Brace--Thank you for grabbing me by the shoulders and letting me know that I can do this.

And for those that have taken their amazing abilities behind the lens to capture my work-THANK YOU: to Phillip Lloyd, Mark Moberg, CSE Photography, Limelight, K&K Photography, Luminaire Foto, Carrie Wildes, Kimberly Dyer...without your work quite simply, I could not do mine.

The Cake Blog, Save the Date for Cupcakes, Style Me Pretty, Daytime NBC, Good Morning America ABC and Celebrations at Home--I'm not sure what else to say but thank you for supporting my work and bringing it to a larger audience I never knew was even possible. Truly, your support leaves me completely awestruck.

And to my unofficial cheerleader (minus the outfit), my husband. Who has supported me from the moment I sat him down and told him this was my dream. He lifts me up and carries me during the dark days and rallies behind me when I could not be happier. Most of all, he constantly challenges me to do better, be better, and most of all, be fearless. And at the end of the day, I'm not sure I would be at this place without him.

And finally (as if I could not make this any longer) my core team...they have loved me, supported me more, put up with me and stayed up in the wee hours of the night working with me...Gerald, Becki, Carmen, Josh, Jen and most of all, my family...THANK YOU.

Sorry for the novel...wasn't sure it wasn't going to turn out like this when I started. Just had the immense need to reflect and share all of my thoughts (and love) for this year!

Happy Holidays and can't wait for 2011!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Sweet Engagement Shoot by Chic Sweets and Limelight


Catching up on some blogging here! We were thrilled to be a cover-feature on Style Me Pretty a few weeks ago. This was an easy, laid back engagement shoot that we were asked to style for Limelight Photography. More and more we are finding that our clients are looking for imaginative and creative ways to show their personalities and still feel like themselves!

Of course, when you are working with a photographer that just "gets it," that is always great. Rebecca from Limelight is always inspiring to collaborate it. She gave me a description of the couple, what they were looking for and we took it from there.

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!!!

Dessert Table Credits:
Overall Concept and Shoot: Chic Sweets and Limelight
Linen: Linens by the Sea
Banner: Funkyshique

**Special thanks to Style Me Pretty for the feature and support!**

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Daytime Morning Show: Thanksgiving Table

Enjoy everyone and (ugh) sorry so late. Holiday table coming shortly!!!

For a behind the scenes peek and to see all the fabulous contributors for this tables, click here.
Chic Sweets