Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family Photoshoot

Image Credit: Limelight Photography
Image Credit: Limelight Photography

Happy Monday (well almost)!

Well here I am...Natalie. So today, I thought I would share the flip side of my other passion in precious family. I have to say that I never thought when I headed into this field that I would be posing for photo shoots, but these kind of unexpected surprises are what makes going out on my own totally worth it! For some time, I've been in desperate need of some photographs of my family but for miscellaneous reasons (work, kids, life, etc.) never got around to getting them done. Of course, the only person to get the job done was Rebecca Zoumberos from Limelight Photography!

The logistics of getting ready was a little nervewracking...what to wear....will the kids behave...can I manage to loose the extra pounds :) However, once we arrived at Limelight's beautiful studio (also affectionately known as "The Z Farm"), all the nervousness kind of went away. Rebecca is so easy going that to my surprise, once I relaxed a little and stopped thinking about how funny I probably looked, we had a great time and really loved how the photos turned out. Having all the kids run around crazy, definitely helps and really, could they be any cuter (Husband included)??

Well, enough talk…lets get on to the pictures!

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