Friday, September 3, 2010

Real Wedding (sneak peek): Ashley and Scott

Okay, so I am officially making up for my blogging-drought (and cleaning out my camera).

Having a wedding at the Florida Aquarium just might be the best idea ever, but the coolness definitely doesn’t stop there. We are also head over heels enamored with how adorable Ashley and Scott are and how great they were to work with. The wedding colors of yellow and blue are simply to die for, and let’s not forget about that delicious looking dessert bar we put together for them. Being a fellow gator, I'm especially biased to the straw tags we created for them (a little suprise from us to them).  Go Gators!

This is a busy time of year for my fellow photographers but professional photos coming soon. Promise!

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend everyone!!

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  1. love the colors and the picture backdrop is so cute. By the way, my husband is a fellow Gator and was sitting here while I was reading this and forced me to mention