Monday, October 18, 2010

Behind the Scenes-Daytime TV Show

So finally able to catch my breath on some much-needed blogging. We had the fantastic opportunity to appear on NBC-affliate (WFLA) Daytime TV Show to share dessert table tips for the upcoming holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween, which is right around the corner.

All three segments were filmed in one day but will be airing at separate times. Our Halloween Dessert table aired last week and above are some behind the scenes shots. It was soooo much work and more involved than I could have ever imagined, but the final product turned out great!

So first up: Halloween! This was by far, my favorite table to plan. So many great projects for this one. From the glitter pumpkins to the pumpkin cooler, everything just came together wonderfully.  

Below are a list of contributors for this table:

1.  Candy and Desserts/Table Design: Chic Sweets
2.  Cake stands: Rosanna, Inc.
3.  Linen: Linens by the Sea
4.  Cookie Recipe Mason Jars: Adapted from Bakerella
5.  Glitter Pumpkins: Adapted from Martha Stewart

Segment to be posted shortly! Thanks for your patience.

Chic Sweets

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