Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Heart is Full

This weekend Chic Sweets had one of our busiest weekends yet. Happy clients, beautiful dessert tables, but I didn't want to make this blog so much about our work as it was about our team. So today I want to say, THANK YOU, my heart is full. There is something very special to be said about the people in your life who believed in you even before you believed in yourself and what I thought was a shot-in-the-moon idea to start a business.The people who've always supported you and your crazy visions while others stood by shaking thier heads and anticipating you'd fail or couldn't handle seeing you actually succeeding on your own merit.

So as I sit here hitting keystrokes, feeling a huge knot building up in my throat, there is something to be said about these unbelievable people and I believe that something to be said is simple: Thanks for believing in me when I wanted to give up and for laughing, crying, and having panic attacks with me along the way. Your unwavering faith in my work, leaves me without words....other than just massive amounts of love for all of you.

My heart is full.


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