Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meet the Team: Chic Sweets's Attendant/Designer/Stylist...the list goes on.


Very excited to (finally) have a moment to shed a little bit of light into those that help make Chic Sweets happen. People sometimes give me far too much credit for the work we do  and don't get me wrong, I'm always so flattered by the love but it would be dishonest if I ever gave anyone the idea that I do it on my own. And trust me, I'm still there at times, and there are quite a few days (I call them "the black-hole days") where we do everything out of our home and I look like a crazy-mess.  But as Chic Sweets starts to evolve I'm forever reminded of the constant help that we have and in trying to keep it real, I'd be nothing without them.

So let's start with Vanessa. I met Vanessa when I made the decision to collaborate with my dear friends over at MMD Events on a Style Me Pretty photoshoot with Limelight. It's funny, there she was...looking absolutely gorgeous and little did I know that months later, that we would connect again. And I'm not going to lie, I was nervous since up until that point, I had been at every wedding, every event, but  Vanessa managed right from the start (well, the first 5 mintues) to ease any fear that I have.

In addition to being a Chic Sweets' "Candy Girl/Attendant," Vanessa is also helping out on the creative side as well. She has set up tablescapes entirely by herself and her sense of design and style are just plain impeccable. Not to mention her personality makes for great company and well, let's face it y'all, dealing with a 3rd Trimester mommy and "the boss man" hubby is not easy. 

Lookin' forward to working with Vanessa for a long long time and am excited to share more about her, starting with a few questions...

WHAT IS YOUR ROLE AT CHIC SWEETS? "Candy Girl" ;) I wear a lot of different aprons at Chic Sweets; I am an attendant, assistant, candy taster, roadie, expert bow tier, and table designer/stylist.

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO US? The lovely Amanda Allen asked me to model for a Chic Sweets "Style Me Pretty" photo shoot! I had so much fun posing on rocks in heals while holding a jar full of gumballs that when Amanda contacted me and asked if I was interested in helping out. I jumped at the chance to work with the fabulous Clamp's and Chic Sweets some more!


CHILDHOOD CAREER DREAM? As long as I can remember I have wanted to be an event planner! For about 5 minutes in high school I thought I wanted to be in politics. I enjoy the discussion, but don't have it in me to go that route...parties are much more fun!

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE? In life: Working and being a full-time student for four years was one of the most challenging things that I have done, but I was determined to graduate on time and with no debt! SUCCESS!   With Chic Sweets: Neiman Marcus' Fashion's Night Out event, adults attack candy tables in a way that children never incredibly CRAZY busy that night!!! Out of tons of candy in only an hour and a half!

WHAT HAS BEEN THE BEST PART OF BEING PART OF THE CHIC SWEETS TEAM? This probably sounds cheesy, but honestly I have made two AMAZING friends! Natalie and Steve are awesome and have instilled so much faith in me. They have given me such a wonderful opportunity to learn about the industry and to have a REALLY YUMMY creative outlet!


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