Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gourmet Candy Buffets--what is the big deal?

For one, buffets are monstrously popular. The Knot recently voted candy buffets as one of the top trends for 2009. They are fun, interactive and engage guests more than just having the favor sitting on the table.

And two, while some are a feast for the eyes, others seem to fall short of the heights their planners must have hoped for.

So what's the secret?

Here's number one: buying enough candy. Sounds simplistic, but it's key to having a great buffet. The first thing I tell brides — you really can't do candy as a hard commodity. It's more a decorative element.
They'll say, 'I'm having 100 guests, and I want to give each guest 1/2 pound, so I guess I need so many pounds of candy. Sounds great, and it might be enough to actually satisfy your guests, but visually it won't be enough to make a presence.

I tell my clients, instead of looking at candy by the numbers, take an aesthetic approach. You choose the flowers because they're beautiful. The candy buffet should be too.

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