Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Popcorn Buffets and more...

A slice of wedding cake concludes your special day on a deliciously festive note. But if you love candy, why stop there? Indulge your fantasies and have a popcorn buffet!

Whether they are a dazzling part of an elaborate wedding or the centerpiece of a sweets only reception, the your popcorn flavors can range from sweet to savory. Organizing the buffet around a theme, will help narrow the choices of what to include as well as create a unified look.

While many candy buffets include just candy, rounding out the selection with morsels such as lollipops, cupcakes and popcorn makes it even more fun! And of course, you can still serve that stunning wedding cake. In fact, with a Candy Buffet you can even have more than one -- that's the joy of it.

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